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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 2, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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new develop mebts in the decade old disappearance of huey is a key figure in this case and why they are hoping it will bring an end to this investigation. >> kevin collins disappeared almost 29 years ago. he was last seen at a bus stop in san francisco. abc7 news reporter is here with what this new information means to the investigation. sergio? >> abc7 news has learned the main person of interest in the disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins had a wrap sheet and it included kidnapping. abc news was the first on the scene when police took jackhammers into this home. our source tells us that is where dan therion lived. he also went by the name of kelly. he was questioned by police six days after kevin collins
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disappeared. investigators never searched his backyard or basement at the time. cold case investigators returned to the home this week and tore up the basement floor looking for evidence that might link him to the young boy. the home is right across the street from kevin's old school. our sources say therion had a dog. earlier this week the lead investigator in this cold case told abc7 reporter vic lee a key detail of what two witnesses saw way back in 1984 jie. we had another uh dolt -- another adult witness saying they saw kevin in front of 1106, 1108masonic. there was a man there in his 20s or 30s and he had a big great dane black dog. >> touring this week's search, cadaver dogs located bones in the basement floor of that home. >> now police say those bones may be from an animal and they sent them to a crime lab for
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analysis just to make sure. according to a public record search the man police are focusing on died five years ago in 2008. carolyn, back to you. >> sergio queen -- quintana reporting ?ie. there -- there waste a discovery at a popular park. a teenage girl as body was found and it is unclear what caused her death. alan wang joins us now live from fairfield. >> carolyn, police know the girl's name, but they are not releasing it because they are trying to contact her family. the mystery around this murder is already attracting people here. word of the young teenage girl found in this park brought lidia and her family here tonight. >> we have kids of our own, so just to think about what this poor girl might have gone through. >> police say the girl in her early teens was reported missing yesterday evening around 5:30.
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about 12 hours later her naked body was discovered in neighboring fairfield at alan witt park. the case is now a homicide investigation, but police are not sure how she died because there were no wounds indicating the cause of death. they say the girl lived in sasoon city, but attended school in fairfield. >> they indicated that she had last been seen in the morning getting on a bus to go to school. normally she would return about 4:20 and she didn't. that's when they became concerned. >> early on police got a tip from this man who says he saw something strange as he drove by the park around 5:00 a.m. >> and i see a car parked on the parking lot facing in our direction here. and there was a large man standing in front of it. he was just standing there. it just looked odd to me. >> police say there were also two cameras, surveillance cameras on both ends of the park. what those cameras captured could solve this case.
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reporting live in fairfield, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. twitter has been hacked. the san francisco company said 250,000 customers had e-mail addresses and pass words stolen. twitter canceled the pass words and is advising users on how to create new ones on its website. bank of america's on-line telephone and mobile banking services crashed big time today. right now they are slowly coming back. officials at the country's second largest bank says the problem is technical. the bank's atms are working. the 10th spare of the air alert has been issued. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> and right now we do have some patchy fog and we also have some higher clouds. let me show you doppler 7hd. it is not tracking rain, but that could be changing. let me show you the visibility in half moon bay. it is down to four miles with
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that fog. so tomorrow morning if you have early plans or you are just going to run around and get ready for your super bowl parties you might encounter some fog. be aware of that. when is the possibility of rain coming? a look at your weekend forecast in a few minutes. dan? >> thanks a lot. 49er fans are making final preparations for super bowl sunday and so is the city of san francisco. emergency responders and even business owners are being pro active to prevent the kind of problems that we saw after the world series. ama? >> come super bowl sunday there will be a lot of people checking out the big game. but it is what could happen after the game that has some businesses taking precaution. the restaurant is open as usual on this friday night. but come super bowl sunday, the italian eat rewill be closed. >> we decided to close for security. we wanted to make sure our customers and staff will be safe. >> he is worried that the
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mission district may see the same chaos that erupted after the giants won the world series. >> i know the mission police are all over it. i think we went to a community meeting and they will be out on the force. it is also a slow day for restaurants. >> he has also hired a security guard to watch over the empty restaurant next door which will be open. there will be more police on the streets and dui checkpoint on saturday and sunday. muni will run diesel buses that can be quickly rerouted. but city leaders are calling on 49er fans to do the right thing. >> it has been 18 years since we won a super bowl. and so people are going to have a good time and celebrate. we are just asking people to do it responsibly. >> the mayor will spend his super bowl where the lounge just reopened. >> you won't be one of those getting too out of hand will you? >> oh no. i will be there asking everybody in my nice way,
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moderate yourself. >> if you don't, you could end up like these 14 people facing prosecution for destruction like this after the world series. many were caught with the help of social media. >> there were many witnesses and it is easy for us to use in a prosecution. >> very easy in the way people share and not very hard to find. the district attorney's office says they will be checking the internet to find anyone who may have behaved badly. in san francisco, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. well, you know security will be intense in new orleans for the super bowl, but today the focus was on the brothers harbaugh who held a joint news conference. >> sports director larry beil is live in the big easy with that story expts -- and the rest of our super -- super bowl coverage. >> i'm glad you mentioned security. we have had a change in the situation in the last couple hours here. we had to pass through metal detectors which we hadn't had to do earlier in the week.
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concrete barriers were up so the authorities were clearly locking down the perimeter and securing the area as we get closer and closer to super bowl xlvii. as for the harbaugh brothers they met the media today. jim came in in what was his uniform almost. the custom mary black sweatshirt with the khaki pants. he was loose and he was joking. jim was serious throughout. their personalities are different, but the brothers agreed that the ultimate competetor in the family is actually mom, jackie. >> well there is nobody in the family that has more competitive fire than my mother. she competes like a maniac. i have learned, number one, that is that. she has always believed in us. i think that's the most important thing to me that she believed in me and john and joni. she took us to games and played catch with us and shot baskets with us.
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she just believed in us. >> no one would fight more for us than our mom. no matter the situation or teachers and us really how to have each other's back. how to be there for one another whether it was a scrape in the neighborhood or something like that, she basically made it very clear that we were to have each other's backs no matter what. >> the other thing a smart, highly inteligent and very thoughtful lady. we grew up with those conversations. we might have been talking football with dad in the basent in, but mom was talking other things. she was talking about world affairs and history and things that were going on in the 70s in our world. mom was always tuned into all of those things. that brought up conversations and i think that helped make us more rounded people. >> terrific family stories this week at the super bowl with the harbaughs. the last 49er quarterback to win a super bowl was steve young. 18 years ago today. i talked with steve young and he is thoroughly impressed
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with current 49er quarterback colin kaepernick. >> people said he threw a hard ball. not necessarily accurate, not necessarily with the touch. i watched the chicago game and i said we have the wrong book on this kid. he can make all of the throws. that is special. the rest will be experience. he will deal with all of the things coming up. if he can put a superbowl his pocket at a young age and throwing it and with the legs, you can see why people are excited about him. >> and also with the espn sports report colin rush said mike ditka just walked off the set and looked at me and said where is my car? oh you don't have my car. you can follow colin atsh. you know what? tomorrow we may take ditka's car. coming up, more with steve young and how winning the super bowl changes your life. dan and carolyn, back tow. >> i don't know about that
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plan. ditka is a tough guy. >> thanks, larry. larry, wayne, shu and katie are sending out a lot of great behind the scenes updates. we are retweeting the best of them at abc7 news bay area. their live reports continue on abc7. >> and it will be a great game. we know you want to watch it, but then turn to us after the super bowl to see the celebrations. our abc news team is in new orleans and then in the bay area we will have terrific live coverage with up to the minute looks at how the 49er fans are reacting here and in the big ease as well. big easy as well. the state is looking into the possible misuse of a helicopter. it is typically used during drug raids so what is it doing at this high school game? >> training is going on to learn how to respond to an active gunman on campus. >> and a sign from above. the church that is showing its support for the home team. >> and then late other "jimmy kimmle live."
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school shooting sparked an intense debate in this country. >> and one security company has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to get trained on how to respond to a shooter on campus. that training called alice stands for alert lock down, inform, encounter and evacuate. >> lyanne melendez had access to a training session at san jose city college. >> lock down, lock down, lock down. >> reporter: those two words mean an intruder is on campus.
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>> maria! open the door. where are you? >> reporter: this is how they deal with an active shooter. >> oh wendy. i'm home, dear. open the door. >> reporter: the people behind the door tried to barricade themselves using what they can find. a table, a rope, a waste basket, anything to keep the intruder from coming in. >> people will survive. people will act appropriately if we give them guidance, and if we give them permission to do so, and that's what this is about. >> reporter: a texas-based company called response options is training people on how to go beyond the duck and cover mode. teaching them to go as far as confronting the gunman. joe is playing the role of the active gunman. now, people who are taking this course are learning three mound fen mall things -- three fundamental things. run, hide and fight. sean thompson is a teacher at venicia high. he convinced his school district to let him take the
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course. he will now train other teachers. >> when you become a parent things change. perspectives change. i don't want to look at them as my students anymore. they are sons and daughters, and i feel it is my responsibility to be as educated as possible. >> reporter: matthew works as a school police officer in merced county. >> ultimately the goal of this program is to minimize if not completely eliminate any type of injuries or fatalities. that's the whole goal and that's what i am trying to express to my staff. >> it ends with an intruder using an air gun and rubber pellets. the people inside this room are ready to counter or confront the second gunman. for this scenario, tennis balls are used instead of books, lap p toes or chairs. but in most cases, running may be the only option.
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>> we know what the consequence is of responding passively, and far too often it is death. >> san jose city college and evergreen community college have trained their nine officers. students and teachers will soon undergo the same active shooter training. >> have i to know how to lead -- i have to know how to lead and protect my students. but it is a combination of both. the students need to be prepared and train. >> it is a reality of today's world. getting schools to prepare in order to increase their chances of surviving the unthinkable. >> open the door. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> sobering stuff. the department of justice is investigate it is -- investigating the unauthorized use of a helicopter at a football game. they had no idea the chopper was being used this way. this is video of the incident from youtube. reports say an agent dropped a football to his son, a player
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on the field not far from sacramentoment the cost was between $913 including the cost of the pilot. >> grace cathedral is wearing 49er colors. the lights gracing the church have been turned from white to 9er red. and in another show of support they planned to grow in red and gold before the big game. >> very nice. happening all over the city as folks get excited. the weekend is here and the weather looks perfect. >> sandhya is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> if you are hosting super bowl parties or heading to a party and you have last-minute preparations. it is looking good weather wise. this is the sunset. official sun down at 5:34. spectacular sunset. you can see the burst of colors there. that's due to high clouds. let's check out live doppler 7hd, and the clouds are still with us tonight. there are some patches of fog along the coastline.
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reduced visibility. the temperatures right now in the 40s and even some 50s around fremont and mountain view and san jose and oakland. partly cloudy with some patchy fog. mild weather for your weekend and cooler days are coming next week with that possibility of rain looking slimmer and slimmer. i will talk about it in a moment. now with this gorgeousathqqcñ pressure is still in charge of our weather.
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and it is a strong ridge. it is still keeping the storm track to the north. the only thing we will be watching are the high clouds to the south. we will see filtered sunshine as these clouds just move on through. tomorrow the clouds will along with the wind knockdown the temperatures just a couple of degrees locally. if you are still planning to head to the super bowl, partly cloudy and 66 and super sunday where the niners are going to win. that's what we are predicting. weather wise it is looking good. 66 and mainly sunny on monday. high temperatures for your saturday coming down a few degrees. mild and 64 santa rosa and 61 in san francisco across the bay and oakland. 65 antioch and sunshine and high clouds and livermore, palo alto 64. mild in san jose and it is 65 degrees and same thing with clear lake. filtered sunshine will be the story around the monterey bay. up to the upper 60s. gilroy and hollister. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. spare the air day and it is
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groundhog day. temperatures will come up on super bowl sunday by a few degrees. and then a little bit of a cool down on monday only to drop. down to reality as we head into tuesday and wednesday. now thursday and friday as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the temperatures are well below average. slight chance of rain carolyn and dan both thursday and friday. the computer models keep backing off the possibility of rain. >> nothing significant. >> i don't want to be a pessimist. >> up next, we are heading back to the big ease. the big easy. larry beil will have the story of two brothers. would one harbaugh hire the other? >> first a message from one of our troops overseas. >> hi i am from travis air force base and currently deployed here in southwest asia and i am supporting my san francisco 49ers. it has been 18 years and i
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good evening. live from new orleans. the countdown is on. about 40 hours now away from kickoff. i had a chance to talk with a hall of famer steve young today. he was on the espn set. he was there in the 1994 season and it changed his life. >> how was the super bowl ring a life changing experience? it was for you. >> it is defining, right? in many ways if we would have lost that game you don't get to talk about it. the game stand alone in your whole career. >> i knew i was important because i would talk about it another 30 or 40 or 50 years. we will talk about the super bowl. it is the nature of the game. >> weather today in new orleans was warm and sunny. bit jim -- but jim harbaugh
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wanted to simulate the conditions they would face in the super -- superdome. and they had loud crowd noise. at their joint news conference they said at various times in their careers they actually talked about working together on the same staff. >> you hire your brother? >> i would, ya, definitely and i would work for him. >> i definitely know we could do it. >> it would be an honor to have him on the staff. great coach. you always try do get great coaches and there is no better coach than jim harbaugh. and i mean that. there is no better coach in the national football league than this guy sitting right here. jay who would work for whom? i talked with an old friend and colleague now the voice of monday night football. mike lives in an arbor, michigan and told me a story about the harbaugh brothers and their old high school football days. >> living in anarbor and we go by the high school where john and jim when on the same
12:28 am
team. yawn was supposed to be the senior -- john was supposed to jim the mortal lentedback and sophomore sophomore -- the more talented sophomore quarterback got the starting job. >> round two of the phoenix open and a lip out kept phil mickelson from the record of 59. a double bogey and it kept him from the tour. lefty settles for a 6 under 65. he is 17 under the four-stroke lead. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. enjoy the super bop. the super bowl. we will bring you the coverage on sunday night. >> thanks so much. are you doing a great job in new orleans. we uh -- we appreciate it. ?ai most people watch the game, but others are watching the commercials. >> and some have already leaked out. we will [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow!
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